The Amazing Michael Jordan Smashing A Backboard Dunk From 1985 [GIF, VIDEO]

Who wants to see early Michael Jordan just messing around in Italy?
I do!
Yes, Please!!

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One would think that by now, we as sports fans, would have seen every incredible play from Michael Jordan’s career highlight reel.

Apparently not. An incredible GIF began floating around Reddit yesterday which claimed to be of a rarely seen Michael Jordan dunk. Impossible, right? How could something so cool from Michael Jordan have gone under the radar all these years?

Well, it did. Apparently the dunk came during a Nike exhibition game in Trieste, Italy on August 25, 1985. The game was between Stefanel Trieste vs Juve Caserta and MJ ended up dropping 30 points for Stefanel Trieste.

Here is the incredible, backboard smashing, gravity-defying GIF of the dunk.

mj gif

[h/t Reddit NBA]

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