Geek: Scully


Gillian Anderson (!) did an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit today. I missed it, regrettably.

One highlight:

Question: You are amazing.

You will be filming Crisis in Chicago, were born in Chicago, and are a DePaul grad. Anything you really like about the city?

Was Scully always supposed to be a redhead or was she because you were at the time?

And are amazing. Can’t say it enough!! I’m excited to watch The Fall on Netflix 🙂

[–]gilliananderson[S] 1670 points 3 hours ago


Gillian: I wasn’t a redhead at the time, I was mousy brown, and I am very glad that somebody had the idea to add a bit of color to my life. And I haven’t spent much time in Chicago since I graduated from college; I am so excited to investigate how the city has grown since then. My sister lives there with her illegal wife and my mom lives nearby and I am seeing this as a new adventure.

via I am Gillian Anderson – AMA! : IAmA.

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