Random: Season 4 — Arrested Development likes Modern Family

The new season of Arrested Development is not only hilarious, but there is also another little nugget that had rumblings well before the show came out last weekend. I think I have discovered it!

1. There is a mention of Michael and G.O.B. each possibly dating someone famous, and randomly, they look at each other and ask whether its not Julie Bowen.

2. Lucille 2’s foster child, Perfecto Tellas, attends a young performers event with Maybe and says something about seeing the kids from Modern Family. At a point in the exchange, he even shoots out Rico Rodriguez’s name.

3. Finally, this: Cam and Claire flip a house during the season and complete it in episode 20 of season 4 (the same season for Arrested Development). I believe that they are using the same house for both shows, which may have inspired the Arrested Development allusions. Notice the island and the cabinets.

Modern.Family.S04E20 photo (1)photo (2)  

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