Geek: Man of Steel (Continued Discussions)

Is “The Iron Giant” the greatest Superman film of all? | LFR | Your #3 Source for WI Film.

Comics writer and filmmaker, Mark Waid argues that the new Superman film is not representative of the character and dislikes what Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, and David Goyer have done for the character in Man of Steel.

I think Mark Waid is wrong about the new movie, bc, as Cheese Wagstaff said, “There ain’t no nostalgia to this shit”. I still feel as though that sentiment is that of the new millennium. We look back on 9/11, but what was the result of that tragedy? The Patriot Act, which bastardizes our constitution for the means of protection. There is not nostalgia in the Patriot Act. We are not trying to get back to where we were before 9/11, we instead set a new paradigm for our country. The Patriot Act and the Man of Steel has offended the sensibilities of traditionalists, but there is little or nothing to do to change our new reality.

Man of Steel is no Superman Returns (which was trying to be an Iron Giant in a new movie sense). Superman was no weapon in ‘Returns’. In Man of Steel he is a weapon with no master. There is a real threat and he does damage. As has The Patriot Act has been and done for our “liberty”.

Its a wild argument for a Tuesday, but I think that we must adjust to the new paradigm and see where it takes us. I have no idea whether the writer David Goyer considered this when creating the screenplay, but he has said that the wanton destruction from MOS will be addressed in the next film (which apparently is coming in less than a year!?!?). It can’t be lost on us that Superman destroys a drone that’s been following him at the end of the movie. Its just coincidence that the country is up in arms about the NSA tracking our internet and phone records. Superman is Metropolis’s 9/11. He shifts the paradigm. He may be what Jonathan Kent warned against, A New Reality from which we cannot go back.

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