God, I miss the ’90s!!!

>> Speaking of the ’90s, does anyone think that Cal Ripken would not be a good manager?

>> Something cool (Orphan Black cool) is happening on Parks and Recreation (of course).

>> Crazy stuff happening on American roads lately, maybe because everyone is trying to take videos from their phone while driving!!

>> Duh.

>> Allen Iverson finally decided to retire. He has become somewhat of a sad story since he stopped playing in 2010. Now, even when he comes to his senses, it seems sad.

>> Netflix seems to always be adapting to change, but they have now gotten even greater at discerning your personal movie preferences.

>> Elmore Leonard died 2 days ago, but that has not stopped the various tributes to his writing and his addition to pop culture.

>> Finally, in some local flavor, Roy Hibbert is turning into a brick shithouse!

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