>> Work on Batman vs Superman is now ratcheting up and beginning soon with a filming of a crowd scene at a football game. Surprisingly, they are going to have the crowd wear black and gold which is the color of the Gotham City Rogues. This team was featured in the Dark Knight Rises when Bane destroyed after of the stadium. Interesting detail!

>> Other movie news: Dumb and Dumber To continues to film and hear are some recent set shots.

>> Buzzfeed music offers some alternative music choices to the “mainstream”.

>> A fun pop quiz on whether we’re talking about a rapper or a Republican congressman.

>> Another fun list: ’90s one-hit wonders long forgotten. Nostalgia!

>> What could go wrong: Twitter now allows you to opt to take direct messages from anyone.

>> ICYMI: Marvel has announced (or rumored) to have development projects for several television shows.



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