Geek: Jamie Alexander is on the Clock!

Thor actress Jamie Alexander has been (self-reported) rumored to have had conversations with DC/WB about the possibility of being involved in the next Man of Steel. Which now has us wondering who she will play.

Early reports had her in consideration for Wonder Woman (for obvious reasons).

However, all indications point to her being someone else in the stable of female DC characters, in particular, those who have been romantically involved with Bruce Wayne.

I think that she would make a great Wonder Woman based on her physicality in her previous roles (Sif), but I can understand if they do not opt for her. I see them choosing someone for Wonder Woman who has a bit more of an Sephardic or South American ilk. Slightly more dark skinned.

So if Jamie is not Diana, then who will she be? I believe that even if she isn’t Diana then she will have a role where she will have to bring some physicality to the role. She portrays an intelligent, feminine, and tough attitude in her work and her character would likely have to have all those traits. Here are a few ideas of who she could play from the DC canon:


1. Julie Madison:


A Bruce Wayne love interest from the very beginning, but no superpowered aspirations or interpretations.

2. Vesper Fairchild:

A TV personality who became involved with Bruce ultimately killed by an emmissary of Lex Luthor to frame the Caped Crusader.


3. Pam Isley:

POISON IVY would be a little bit too unrealistic for this version of the Batman and Superman, but who’s to say how they work it in. Zack Snyder loves heroines (see 300 and Sucker Punch) and could do something inventive with the character I would bet.

4. Dinah Lance (or Drake):

The Black Canary would be introduced, but would be a significant divergence from previous movies. She could be scouting for recruits into C.H.E.S.S. for Amanda Waller? Interesting thoughts abound with this choice.


5. Zatanna:

She would be the WB/DC world’s introduction to magic in their universe, which like Marvel, has relied on science or pseudo-science to explain all fantastical events. She has been known to have a relationship with Bruce in the comics and showed an affection for Robin, ironically, in the recent Young Justice series that ran on (and was unceremoniously cancelled by) Cartoon Network.

They have already introduced her into the WB/DC in Smallville and was played by Serinda Swan, who seemed to be perfect casting, simply based on look. However, the episode proved to be extremely strong for a series that was struggling toward the end of its run.

I would seriously advocate for Ms. Swan (whose name already sounds like a superhero alter-ego) would be a good candidate to return as either Zatanna or another heroine, possibly….

P. S.

She should probably just play Wonder Woman and get it over with!!!


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