Happy Friday! Daily Download is back, on a Friday because I’m lazy!

Adrian Peterson Plows His Way Through Redskins Defense to Pick Up First Down

>> Adrian Peterson is Friday and Brandon Merriweather is the week!

>> Here is a list of finalists for the “female role” in the Batman vs Superman. I wrote about it previously, but I don’t know whether we can expect a wholly new character or will we have Diana or some other female DC character.

>> Screen Rant posits that the CW/DC characters will be part of the WB/DC movie universe.

>> Lovely GIFs of people failing at waterslides just in time for winter!

>> Rob Ford seems like a fun dude. Can you say cocaine?

>> The 1st image from Cameron Crowe’s latest movie, which does not sound much better than Elizabethtown. Ugh.

>> Can’t believe it has been 20 years since I graduated from high school, but I was so lucky to have this music in my life at that time.

>> Amazon ranks the top selling comic series for this year.


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