In honor of his debut on Arrow, we flashback (no pun intended) to the pilot episode of the last Flash. Seems like a pretty rudimentary now. How the heck did they get M. Emmett Walsh in this show?! There is a clear reliance on Tim Burton’s Batman, Dick Tracy, and the Batman: the Animated Series aesthetic. Also a young Paula Marshall is in there!!

>> I guess DC All Access is a big deal. I can’t complain since I watch it every week.

>> Another DC note: I wish that Michael Rosenbaum would get a shot to play a big role, like Lex Luthor. He was apparently up for StarLord, which would have been pretty perfect for him. He has his own new project coming to independent theaters.

>> The Writers’ Guild has some strict rules for qualifications.

>> Rhonda Rousey is a bad bitch!

>> R.I.P. Luigi.


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