GEEK EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros. Eyeing Joaquin Phoenix For Batman-Superman Villain

Joaquin Phoenix Batman Superman Movie

OMFG, this would be a great casting move. I bet he has the okay of Ben Affleck since they are practically family. Joaquin has been a misunderstood mega star for some time now. I think everyone was blown away by his portrayal of the evil prince in Gladiator. At first the role seemed to be a lark, but Phoenix’s portrayal just twisted the classic villain role as we sympathized with him to a certain degree because everyone seemed to underestimate Commodus. The veiled threat to his nephew and his sister about buzzing bees still brings chills.

His intensity will bring a piercing presence to the role that has yet to be seen on screen. Luthor has been sort of a clown in the movies and not in a Joker type of sense. Oh shit!!!!! Could he play the Joker instead? Mind blown if Zack Snyder pulls this off!

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