From I do not like The Flinstones. Even when I was a dumb kid, I’d groan whenever it came on and try to break my mom’s TV set. When the John Goodman movie came out I burnt down my local movie theater. Whenever I see a comical dinosaur in real life, I always try to give it a good kick. I don’t know why. Something about the cartoon just does not agree with my DNA.

So I’m not thrilled that they’re going to make another Flinstones movie, this one animated. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Flintstones will be executive produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay and will be written by The Other Guys and The Campaign’s Chris Henchy. So it has comedy pedigree behind it. But it’s still The Flintstones. I think I’ll go see Mighty Morphin Power Rangers instead. Or I might just stare at a pile of rocks.


Does the new creative team get you excited for another trip to Bedrock?

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