CBMB: Guardians of the Galaxy Leading to Planet Hulk?

Guardians director James Gunn released a new behind-the-scenes photo on Facebook from his upcoming Marvel movie, and it revealed our first look at an interesting character.  The picture features the movie’s lead, Chris Pratt and supporting character Bereet, played by English actor, Melia Kreiling.

#gotgpicoftheday Posting this one as I land in Singapore. It’s @meliakreiling as Bereet and @prattprattpratt as I think you know by now. Thanks for all your kind messages about the 17 minute preview. Glad you all enjoyed it! #guardiansofthegalaxy #gotg — with Meera Patel.

Bereet is “interesting” because of her long history with the Hulk. She was a female Krylorian techno-artist who used her alien technology to produce films concerning fictional adventures of herself and the Hulk. Krylorians first appeared in Rampaging Hulk #1 (January 1977). In the comics, Bereet later traveled to Earth and became involved with the Hulk while he had Bruce Banner’s intelligence, befriending the Hulk and his sidekick Rick Jones.


We heard scuttlebutt that Marvel has long planned a solo Hulk movie based on the comic storyline Planet Hulk, but recent reports have produced more doubt about the veracity of these rumors.  However, the rumors are suggesting that yes, indeed, there will be a Planet Hulk type of storyline, but that will be enveloped in a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

In the Planet Hulk comics, the Avengers shoot the Hulk into space after they realize that his rage is too dangerous for the Earth (or anywhere else) to handle. A remorseful and intelligent Hulk is sent to a war planet where he must first act as a gladiator for a menacing dictator, and then becomes a Spartacus-like figure who leads a rebellion of the oppressed.

Mark Ruffalo and other Marvel officials have denied that there will be a Planet Hulk solo film, but no one has offered a denial that Hulk will show up in a Guardians sequel. The new reports suggest that the Hulk will lead his rebellion with the help of the rag tag Guardians, and leading to an ultimate battle with Thanos in Avengesr 3.

The more details you see from Guardians of the Galaxy, the more likely it is that these Hulk+Guardians rumors might be true. Not only is Bereet part of the named cast, but we also know that Korath’s henchmen are Sakaaran warriors. Oh by the way, Sakaar was ruled by the very powerful Red King, before he was overthrown by…wait for it…the Hulk and the Warbound warriors.  Where there is smoke, there is usually some fire.

Kreiling appears to a substantial actor, at least more than just a stand-by role, so it may suggest that she could have a good role in this movie or possibly in a future film. However, let’s not forget that Keira Knightley was merely a bit player in Star Wars Episode I.

So let’s see where this goes, but the winds are swirling…

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