CBTVB: 2 New Faces Coming to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Adrian Pasdar will be returning for another go at the Agents as Hulkbuster Glenn Talbott in Season 2 of the ABC actioner.

Last season we only got a slight introduction to Talbott but he has a rich history in Marvel Comics as being General Thunderbolt Ross‘ bulldog in the chase for Bruce Banner.

At the very least, reports are that he will be there for the season opener but no indication how much more after that

We got a darkened glimpse of Skye’s purported father in the finale of the show last year and now we may have confirmation on who will portray the role.

Kyle MacLachlan has been cast as “The Doctor” and TVLine revealed that he will be Skye’s dad. This seems out of character for Marvel, having leaked a key role for the upcoming season.

The role is still shrouded in mystery even though we don’t have a secret to hold onto now.

One must wonder whether Marvel will have anymore notable actors for the various roles on TV and in film?

Agents of SHIELD will premiere on Tuesday September 23rd at its new time–9PM.IMG_1827.JPG

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