CBMB: Guardians of the Galaxy News Bits

James Gunn revealed in an interview with Empire Online that Peter Quill‘s father storyline will follow the same story in the comics. In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy line, Quill’s father is revealed to be J’Son, a powerful king of the Spartax. Gunn said that “[i]t’s definitely not the character who it is in the comics, I’ll say that much.”

Gunn went on to say that “[t]here have been a lot of documents passed around about who Peter Quill’s father is between a select two or three of us. That’s been part of the plan since the beginning, that’s something I had to work out before we shot the screenplay. We wanted to make sure Yondu’s place in everything made sense and it does, so it’s all very specific stuff.”

Gunn also discussed the inclusion of Thanos in the world of Guardians of the Galaxy. Gunn said that Thanos will show up “…[in the sequel] if he helps our story and he will not show up at all if not. Thanos is not the most important thing in Guardians 2, that’s for damn sure. There’s the Guardians themselves and other threats the Guardians are going to be facing that are not Thanos.”

Finally: This guy created his own dancing Groot!!!!

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