CBTVB: Absorbing Man is Coming to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

ABC’s actioner is bringing a classic Marvel Comics baddie to the screen in the form of Carl “Crusher” Creel, aka Absorbing Man. Brian Patrick Wade (Teen Wolf, Generation Kill) will debut as Creel — better known to comicbook fans as his all-consuming alter ego Absorbing Man.

The character is an antagonist to Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson and his team, as we saw from set reports from last week. Unfortunately, we were wrong when we assumed that this character would be a Kree warrior of some kind. Instead is will play the venerable Thor villain in season two of Disney/Marvel’s first live-action television show.

Creel was a former boxer-turned-small-time criminal who is, in the comics, imbued with the ability to absorb solid objects by the god of mischief, Loki. Loki’s toying with human anatomy results in Crusher being able to absorb objects, like Mjolnir, and exhibit the properties of that item.

In other words, Absorbing Man can alter the molecular structure of his body, his clothes, and his wrecking ball to mimic the properties of any material he touches. Creel is a classic Thor foe who was often used as a pawn by Loki in his fight against his brother. Absorbing Man first appeared in Journey into Mystery #114 (1965).

Question is just how Creel will gain his abilities in season two. I’m pretty sure we won’t see Loki in the same episode as Absorbing Man, but I wonder whether there will be some allusion to him coming in contact with Asgardian tech or magic. On the other hand, as an extension of the controversy at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (and in MAOS for that matter), I wonder if he could be one of the “miracles” that Baron Strucker talks about in the stinger.

Season Two of MAOS is set to premiere on September 23, 2014 on ABC at 9 PM.

Source: Marvel.com

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