Movies: 5 Spielberg Tomes

You will know you are watching Spielberg when you see these characteristics in the film. Or maybe a JJ Abrams film.

Geek: Misfits of Science — My Favorite Show that Never Was

I have been obsessed with this show since I knew it was going to be on NBC back in the early ’80s. This was shortly after our cultural obsession with Courtney Cox began. I think this was her very next job after doing the Dancing in the Dark video with Bruce Springsteen.

Also, the ’80s icon Kevin Peter Hall was involved. Sadly this show did not last long enough to gain any traction. Seems like this concept would work well in today’s world. However, I guess they already tried a more recent version with the recently-cancelled Alphas. I think Alphas took itself way too seriously and Misfits concept would be much better because of the obvious B-movie feel to it.

“Misfits of Science”: The 80s TV Show That Only Courteney Cox Survived | The Awl.