We get a first look at the new Summer Movie Preview cover of Entertainment Weekly featuring the iconic characters from X-Men: Days of Future Past. This epic is set for only one film, but will be packed with many mutants and a rich storyline of time-travel, assassination, redemption, salvation, and betrayal. Just who does any of these things is the real question. I have to admit that I miss Rebecca Romijn a bit, but J.Law will do.

TV: David Letterman: Who should replace him?


Dave Letterman (my homie) is retiring and they are already circling the carcass. Dave Letterman has truly influenced a generation of comedians, which is amazing for a “comedian” who would probably classify himself as marginal. Dave was an inspiration for me in his late night incarnations for NBC and CBS. To me, he surpasses Carson because of his ambition to shine a light on real world issues, aside from spotlighting new and up and coming comedians. He has started the careers of a few (Romano and James), but he has more so brought issues to light and questioned the absurdity of frustrating political conflagrations. Letterman is an institution unto himself and should be feted by every late night progenitor existing today. I’m sure he will be.

My vote is Amy Poehler as CBS would steal a Lorne Michaels protege and would position her against her very good friend Jimmy Fallon and Kimmel. Poehler would be brilliant.


Time to get Grimey!!!


>> Kevin Feige was interviewed about their hiring of James Spader to portray Ultron.

>> This writer doesn’t like Morrissey anymore.

>> Yes, I believe the Colts are heading for big things!

>> A fun interview from Sway and Guy Fieri. Who knew?!

>> Mind slightly blown: Neil DeGrasse-Tyson and Dan Akroyd in a podcast (Part 1)!

>> Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism is 10 years old!

>> The year of 1993 in Hip Hop (and music in general) was amazing!


God, I miss the ’90s!!!

>> Speaking of the ’90s, does anyone think that Cal Ripken would not be a good manager?

>> Something cool (Orphan Black cool) is happening on Parks and Recreation (of course).

>> Crazy stuff happening on American roads lately, maybe because everyone is trying to take videos from their phone while driving!!

>> Duh.

>> Allen Iverson finally decided to retire. He has become somewhat of a sad story since he stopped playing in 2010. Now, even when he comes to his senses, it seems sad.

>> Netflix seems to always be adapting to change, but they have now gotten even greater at discerning your personal movie preferences.

>> Elmore Leonard died 2 days ago, but that has not stopped the various tributes to his writing and his addition to pop culture.

>> Finally, in some local flavor, Roy Hibbert is turning into a brick shithouse!