I LOVE THE BOOK KAVALIER AND CLAY. This is a book that was published in 2000 by writer Michael Chabon who went on to win a Pulitzer for his opus.

The book is a comic/superhero fans dream as it is basically a dramatization of the early days of comics in the US from pre-World War II to the Kefauver Senate investigations, and then on into the Silver Age. The book also centers around a bizarre love triangle and the creation of the iconic character, The Escapist.

The story is an origin story of sorts steeped in magic, romance, comics lore, Jewish mysticism, and modern American pop culture.  You get bits of Joe Kirby, Stan Lee, Houdhini, Orson Welles, His Girl Friday, Brokeback Mountain, L.A. Confidential, and The Great Gatsby all balled up in this very American story.

Kavalier and Clay is thrilling, emotional, suffocating, and exhilarating all at once. The book should have been one of the greatest cross-promotional movies, mini-series, or adult animated series ever. However, the filmed treatment of this property has languished in the hands of producer Scott Rudin.

Too many good things conspired to ruin chances of seeing this story on the big or small screen, but we do have someone who loved it enough to do a short. Below, we have the feisty Joe Kavalier searching for lost loved ones in New York, as he was the cousin who could not let go of home. He was the brains behind the character while his cousin Sam was the impresario who would raise the cult and popular status of the character.



I got a look at some upcoming Disney Animation projects but the picture that stood out is of Big Hero 6, which is the first joint @Marvel and @Disney production that doesn’t come from Marvel’s most stories characters. Behold.

What have you guys heard about the project?

Art: New Balloon Letter Banksy Piece Now Floating In Queens

I love viral marketing when done right, but viral art is another thing. Can you love something more than just regular love? Banksy the graffiti artist has begun popping up (pardon the pun) with more and more inventive ways to get his art and his name noticed.

This picture below if the work of a mad genius. He had to know that the police either have to leave it there or they would have to do something with it. The result will make you chuckle. Click the link for more pictures of the “installation”.

Photo: New Balloon Letter Banksy Piece Now Floating In Queens: Gothamist.