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Happy Friday!

>> I guess Stevie from Eastbound and Down like to parlay his fame into gettin’ chicks!

>> Joyce Brabner talks about her life after Harvey Pekar.

>> Tatiana Maslany had a great guest starring role on Parks and Recreation last night. Dare I say that she fit right in?

>> Did you know that there is a site that give you Buzzfeed without the GIFs. It is a bit less exciting as before.

>> If you didn’t know, Lucasfilm has a lot of hidden Easter eggs between its various films. Disney must have something huge in the works since its major film properties all share the idea of hidden Easter eggs through all their films.




>> The Catalina wine-mixer is no longer the most feared thing in Southern California. This is:

The crew of sailing school vessel Tole Mour and Catalina Island Marine Institute instructors hold an 18-foot-long oarfish that was found in the waters of Toyon Bay on Santa Catalina Island

Holy Shit!

>> Our Long National Nightmare may soon be over, but unfortunately, there is no election happening right away to get rid of the jaggholes who put the government in a shutdown over Obamacare. Boehner and his fellow Republicans were always negotiating from a painfully powerless position and now have to face the facts.

>> The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame has announced its nominees for 2013.

>> J. Michael Straczynski has some words of wisdom for WB/DC for their superhero movie slate.

>> Here is the truth of some of film’s biggest urban legends.

>> Kenan Thompson “discusses” the lack of diversity on Saturday Night Live. He does not do it well, in my opinion.

>> 10 TV characters who never change their clothes.

>> Finally, Pat Forde discusses the impact that black QBs are having on college football.



>> Work on Batman vs Superman is now ratcheting up and beginning soon with a filming of a crowd scene at a football game. Surprisingly, they are going to have the crowd wear black and gold which is the color of the Gotham City Rogues. This team was featured in the Dark Knight Rises when Bane destroyed after of the stadium. Interesting detail!

>> Other movie news: Dumb and Dumber To continues to film and hear are some recent set shots.

>> Buzzfeed music offers some alternative music choices to the “mainstream”.

>> A fun pop quiz on whether we’re talking about a rapper or a Republican congressman.

>> Another fun list: ’90s one-hit wonders long forgotten. Nostalgia!

>> What could go wrong: Twitter now allows you to opt to take direct messages from anyone.

>> ICYMI: Marvel has announced (or rumored) to have development projects for several television shows.



Minas Tirith - Lord of the Rings

>> Minas Tirith. Here are photos of various miniature sets from various genre films.

>> Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD gets a full season order, which is surprising because it is just being ordered now!

>> Speaking of Marvel, they are shutting down a Punisher fan film.

>> I too don’t know what to make of my Hoosiers coming into this season.

>> I never watched the show that much, but in passing, and the crew from that 70’s show got together recently.

>> NBC is still mining for gold in its past with a Remington Steele reboot. God, I used to have the biggest crush on Stephanie Zimbalist.

>> 25 of the whitest things that have ever happened.

>> Supposedly, the casting for Fantastic Four is ramping up. I just wish there were good American actors available to play these roles. Let’s also not forget that the majority of the Avengers are American actors which I think helped its appeal.


Here is the promo for the upcoming new episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, which I feel has been steadily improving:

>> Cool story about Aaron Rodgers doing something cool to educate people about the troubles in my home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

>> Used to love hockey when I could play it on my SEGA. This was almost 20 years ago. Today there is a kid torching the NHL who is, get this, born in 1994! #Ugh

>> Gavin Polone writes about what the major movie studios should do to stay alive.

>> I think I could have told you this without the expensive research. Sprite is a life saver!

>> Orange in the New Black doing Scandal!

>> Heartbreaking read about who life can turn on a dime.

>> Probably a repost, but doesn’t hurt to read it again: Castle has made several references to Firefly.


SCAR JO is once again the sexiest woman alive and you’d think that’s about right. The Black Widow should be the most beautiful and sexiest assassin alive. Don’t look too deeply into her eyes!

>> Clooney  is getting loony and photobombing Spielberg and Seinfeld. A very interesting star cluster.

>> Raiders fans are bad, but I guess it extends to the Athletics too. Fans be trippin’.

>> Living in a post-Breaking Bad world means having to rely on Homeland to deliver tight, cohesive storylines. So far its a fail. Good acting however. Dana was a prime player last night, but she has struggled against the public backlash who seems to hate her. By the way, Chris Brody is still clueless!

>> Quinten Tarantino gave the world his top 10 films of the year, which is always a must-read, but damn….The Lone Ranger?!?!

>> Get ready for some serious product placement in the next Ron Burgundy movie!

>> Stevie Nicks watches Game of Thrones!

>> Back to Sunday watching: I’m kind of in to Masters of Sex, but I don’t know that I can take the conceit of character “secrets” any more.

>> Morrissey loves the Peanuts gang!