TV: David Letterman: Who should replace him?


Dave Letterman (my homie) is retiring and they are already circling the carcass. Dave Letterman has truly influenced a generation of comedians, which is amazing for a “comedian” who would probably classify himself as marginal. Dave was an inspiration for me in his late night incarnations for NBC and CBS. To me, he surpasses Carson because of his ambition to shine a light on real world issues, aside from spotlighting new and up and coming comedians. He has started the careers of a few (Romano and James), but he has more so brought issues to light and questioned the absurdity of frustrating political conflagrations. Letterman is an institution unto himself and should be feted by every late night progenitor existing today. I’m sure he will be.

My vote is Amy Poehler as CBS would steal a Lorne Michaels protege and would position her against her very good friend Jimmy Fallon and Kimmel. Poehler would be brilliant.

Funny: David Eckstein — The Gritty Attorney

This is great. Don’t know if anyone watches Parks and Rec but it’s an awesome show set in Fictional Indiana. The guy who produces the show: Mike Schur is one of the founding members of Fire Joe Morgan and used write as Ken Tremendous. He always throws in great Indiana sports cameos into the show and usually puts a few baseball metric allusions into names of stores or firms. He is also famous for criticizing commentators for extolling on the “grittiness” factor of players when their actual quantifiable value is nil. Players like David Eckstein. In a recent episode he named a firm after Eckstein.

I just found this:

Don’t know if it is directly for Parks and Rec but it was on MLB fan cave page. At least Eckstein is in on the joke.

Funny: In Rememberance of Parks and Recreation

Funny: In Rememberance of Parks and Recreation

@nbc just furloughed Parks and Recreation for the rest of 2013 in an insane move to save them from ditching 2 huge money sucking pits: ‘Sean Save the World’ and ‘Michael J. Fox Show’. I’m hearing that they will put the Voice in the place of P&R to bolster those 2 bloated behemoths.

P&R had just recently been transitioning into another phase since Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe announced their departures. Last week’s episode was particularly enjoyable to learn more about Ron Swanson’s former hermit-like tendencies that he was in need of shedding. This sequence was particularly great! #RIP2013