Funny: In Rememberance of Parks and Recreation

Funny: In Rememberance of Parks and Recreation

@nbc just furloughed Parks and Recreation for the rest of 2013 in an insane move to save them from ditching 2 huge money sucking pits: ‘Sean Save the World’ and ‘Michael J. Fox Show’. I’m hearing that they will put the Voice in the place of P&R to bolster those 2 bloated behemoths.

P&R had just recently been transitioning into another phase since Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe announced their departures. Last week’s episode was particularly enjoyable to learn more about Ron Swanson’s former hermit-like tendencies that he was in need of shedding. This sequence was particularly great! #RIP2013


Funny: Making Children Sing DayMan Seems Wrong

Here is a group of kids singing along to the marvelous Charlie Kelly written theme song of his operatic opus.

Let’s just make sure they don’t start singing about a boy’s hole, or is it a boy’s soul?