Geek: Alex Winter Returns

Since I featured Mr. Reeves in an earlier post, I thought I would feature his most excellent cohort in this post. Alex Winter produced and direected a documentary that I can’t wait to see. This film follows the Napster kids from their infancy to the present day. Mr. Winter has known Mr. Parker and Mr. Fanning since the late ’90s and intended on making the story of the Music Industry versus Napster into a feature film (which probably could still happen). He discussed his personal relationship with the internet with the Nerdist guys in a recent podcast.

Here’s the trailer for his new documentary.

Why I Love Sports: Crazy Ticket Prices

Pearl Jam Wrigley Field ticket costs.

Pearl Jam – those slacker darlings of progressives everywhere – will bring their emotive show to the Top 1% masses when they play Wrigley Field on July 19. The concert is expected to be Chicago’s priciest show, with seats ranging from $180 to $2,400.

However tickets will include Cubs reliever Carlos Marmol as the opening act. (Note: not even a band of socialists is comfortable letting him close.) But don’t hate on Pearl Jam for the steep ticket prices. Here’s exactly how an average $1,300 ticket gets divvied up:

Music: Lauryn Hill returns.

Of course, this is a social commentary with a piercing and driving cathartic explosion of prose. Ms. Hill first struggled with not being labeled as a soul music songtress and fought to be one of the hottest MC’s in the game. Since the “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” she has struggled with the limelight despite releasing one of the greatest albums of the 20th century. She has not released an album since and has become the JD Salinger of music.

Her new track spews hot fire at society and those who fight to misconstrue Ms. Hill. She is a mother, a diva, a songstress, an MC, and one of the most important musicians we’ve ever produced. Adele owes everything to Ms. Hill, and Kanye West owes her for the concept of his 1st 3 albums. That’s the extent of her reach into modern music. Where Mariah has been a hit maker, she will never have the cultural impact that Lauryn Hill has had.

We needed Ms. Hill in the late ’90s and still need her today. Her new music is always welcome.