Why I Love Sports: Boston, We are with You.

If you don’t get the chills, then you ain’t breathing. I haven’t written about what happened in Boston, or any other tragic event that frequently because I would be writing something new every week.

We go through so much in this country, and weirdly, it is more so from our fellow countrymen. Whether this was international or domestic terrorism, there is an overwhelming lack of compassion and love of life that can drain our zeal for life.

However, we must endure, we must love life, and we must strive to be better. As Gene Roddenberry wrote we must “Live Long and Prosper”.

News: No more help for Sanford from NRCC

The audacity of some people is remarkable: Mark Sanford, please recede to the background. I don’t think the people of South Carolina particularly need your brand of morals or ethics in office. Ugh.

Let’s also call for a referendum on whoever this jerk is: “At some point, Mark Sanford’s going to look like a victim in this,” longtime Palmetto State GOP strategist Warren Tompkins told NBC. “Everytime [Jenny] gets an opportunity to embarrass her husband, she does.”

Mark Sanford is the most embarrassing part of this story.