Expos Fans Flood Toronto Blue Jays Game in Effort to Bring Baseball Back to Montreal (Photos)

Where were these people when the Expos were playing in Montreal? Oh yeah, they were there, but no one else was.


The Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals almost a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a baseball-sized hole in some Canadian baseball fans’ hearts.

As the Blue Jays were battling the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday afternoon, about 1,000 Expos supporters packed the outfield bleachers in Toronto to present their case to bring baseball back to Montreal. With homemade signs, Expos fans donned the red, white and blue that defined the former club’s uniforms in the hopes of gaining some attention for their cause.

“Our goal is to celebrate the history of the Expos and show that there is still a viable market for it,” said Matthew Ross, who runs the website Expos Nation and helped organize the trip.

Ross also said it was no accident they planned the trip to Toronto when one of MLB’s most troubled franchises, the Rays, were in town.

Check out a photo…

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Cody Zeller says he has no idea where he’s getting drafted, either


[nbcsports_video src=http://player.theplatform.com/p/BxmELC/nbcsportsembed/embed/select/JPA6fBhuduNL service=rsn_iframe width=590 height=332]

This is about as fluid an NBA Draft as we have seen. There are a lot of role player potential picks in this draft but no likely breakout stars, which means teams aren’t “in love” with guys so much and are willing to move out or down looking for any kind of value.

Which means guys such as Indiana’s Cody Zeller have no idea where he’s going to be drafted. Zeller swung by the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday and talked workouts — he’s had 10, but teams pretty much knew his game from college they just wanted to know more about him — and who is the best of the Zeller brothers. Who do you think he would pick?

DraftExpress has Zeller going No. 11 right now, but anywhere between 8 and 15 seems possible. Good news is if he goes to the Sixers…

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Why I Love Sports: Coaching Family Trees

Longtime Miami of Ohio basketball coach Charlie Coles passed away last week. He left a great legacy of mid-major success behind him, as well as a spectacular coaching and mentoring legacy. Check out the picture below for proof. He fostered the careers of 3 current major college coaches.


Why I Love Sports: Getting Sourced!

How about this: I got sourced in a @TheBigLead story!

LeBron Said ‘No Homo’ a Few Years Ago, But the Times, They Are a Changin’ | Big Lead Sports.

First issue is that any “joke” or “euphemism” involving homosexuality should be avoided by adult athletes at press conferences after a big win.

Second larger, cultural issue is that the use of the term ‘no homo’ is childish, bigoted, and ignorant.

Thirdly, LeBron said it first!