Expos Fans Flood Toronto Blue Jays Game in Effort to Bring Baseball Back to Montreal (Photos)

Where were these people when the Expos were playing in Montreal? Oh yeah, they were there, but no one else was.

Why I Love Sports: Coaching Family Trees

Longtime Miami of Ohio basketball coach Charlie Coles passed away last week. He left a great legacy of mid-major success behind him, as well as a spectacular coaching and mentoring legacy. Check out the picture below for proof. He fostered the careers of 3 current major college coaches.


Why I Love Sports: Getting Sourced!

How about this: I got sourced in a @TheBigLead story!

LeBron Said ‘No Homo’ a Few Years Ago, But the Times, They Are a Changin’ | Big Lead Sports.

First issue is that any “joke” or “euphemism” involving homosexuality should be avoided by adult athletes at press conferences after a big win.

Second larger, cultural issue is that the use of the term ‘no homo’ is childish, bigoted, and ignorant.

Thirdly, LeBron said it first!