Why I Love Sports: Coaching Family Trees

Longtime Miami of Ohio basketball coach Charlie Coles passed away last week. He left a great legacy of mid-major success behind him, as well as a spectacular coaching and mentoring legacy. Check out the picture below for proof. He fostered the careers of 3 current major college coaches.


Why I Love Sports: Getting Sourced!

How about this: I got sourced in a @TheBigLead story!

LeBron Said ‘No Homo’ a Few Years Ago, But the Times, They Are a Changin’ | Big Lead Sports.

First issue is that any “joke” or “euphemism” involving homosexuality should be avoided by adult athletes at press conferences after a big win.

Second larger, cultural issue is that the use of the term ‘no homo’ is childish, bigoted, and ignorant.

Thirdly, LeBron said it first!

Why I Love Sports: Great where-are-they-now’s – Richard Dumas




Richard Dumas was one of my favorite players from the ’90s with the Phoenix Suns. He was a human highlight reel with a jumper. His freakish athletic talents dazzled the crowd and his teammates. However, he ultimately was more Icarus than a true Phoenix. He reached the pinnacle competing in the NBA finals in 1993, but he went on battled drugs, boredom, and injury. He is now living a life girded by hard work and sobriety. Great reading ahead.


http://www.azcentral.com/sports/suns/articles/20130520former-phoenix-suns-forward-richard-dumas-enjoying-life-now.ht ml?nclick_check=1


Why I Love Sports: Crazy Ticket Prices

Pearl Jam Wrigley Field ticket costs.

Pearl Jam – those slacker darlings of progressives everywhere – will bring their emotive show to the Top 1% masses when they play Wrigley Field on July 19. The concert is expected to be Chicago’s priciest show, with seats ranging from $180 to $2,400.

However tickets will include Cubs reliever Carlos Marmol as the opening act. (Note: not even a band of socialists is comfortable letting him close.) But don’t hate on Pearl Jam for the steep ticket prices. Here’s exactly how an average $1,300 ticket gets divvied up: