Marvel’s Netflix Series to Film in New York City | News |

@Marvel, @Disney, @Netflix, and the City of New York will be tied at the hip for the foreseeable future in production of the ambitious direct-to-streaming series featuring the #Defenders.

Marvel takes  a run at building a TV version of the Avengers by first scripting 13-episode series for @Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist each, and then teaming them up in an 8 part mini-series.

As SONY struggles to milk success and stories out of one character (Spider-Man), Marvel continues to push forward with new and never-seen-before characters on the large and small screens.

Chromecast Is a Cord Cutter’s Dream for $35, and I Want More

Cool. I’m glad I got one!!


Every night, it’s the same situation. My wife and I are on the couch, TV off, immersed in our respective computing devices, when she breaks the silence: “Let’s watch something.”

From there, it’s a process. I look for the Xbox 360 controller and twiddle my thumbs while it boots, or if it’s out of reach, maybe I get up and turn on our media PC instead. I return to my comfy seat and fumble with one remote or another, none of them really ideal for shuffling through vast menus of video content. By the time we’re actually watching something, 10 minutes have passed.

This is the life of a cord cutter. We save insane amounts of money every month by not subscribing to cable TV, but the alternative of watching Internet video sometimes feels like a chore. I’m really hoping Chromecast is the solution.

Chromecast is a $35 dongle that…

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Geek: Alex Winter Returns

Since I featured Mr. Reeves in an earlier post, I thought I would feature his most excellent cohort in this post. Alex Winter produced and direected a documentary that I can’t wait to see. This film follows the Napster kids from their infancy to the present day. Mr. Winter has known Mr. Parker and Mr. Fanning since the late ’90s and intended on making the story of the Music Industry versus Napster into a feature film (which probably could still happen). He discussed his personal relationship with the internet with the Nerdist guys in a recent podcast.

Here’s the trailer for his new documentary.