Geek: Barry Meets Ollie

This week we will get the highly anticipated debut of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Crime Scene Investigator on the CW’s Arrow. Looking back, it seems like The Flash should have always been in serious consideration for a television show, particularly with our current cultures obsession with the procedural drama (CSI anyone?). Barry has always been a CSI and the affects have been available for years now.

I still remember the reports on the development of the old Flash TV show because I was watching them from afar. My family was on mission in Cameroon and the only connection I had back home was ‘Voice of America’ radio and reading the Entertainment Weekly magazines that the library at the American school would stock up on. I also recall how pissed off I was that I would not be able to see all the new episodes before I returned to the states (in December 1990).

John Wesley Shipp will remain a golden god in my mind forever!!

Geek: Tim Burton in his Early Days

Did you know that Tim Burton was once a fledgling Disney animator? Well, here is a strange video of an apparent tour of the Disney animator offices from the ’80s. Tim seems rightfully out of it, but also he looks stunningly just like the kid-Dr. Frankenstein he created for FrankenWeenie!

Cool little nugget that YouTube always seems to produce.


Here is a teaser trailer for Star Wars that must have blown every kids mind when it came on. Notice the distinct lack of Ben Burr’s and John Williams’ work on this trailer. There is none of the famous soundtrack and none of the famous sound effects (besides the Sand People yell). Also note how nameless the picture was beyond George Lucas who had done a movie (American Graffiti) completely devoid of any inkling of what was to come in Star Wars. Couldn’t really sell a major summer blockbuster on Alec Guinness alone.

Geek: Batman Auditions

We could have had Amy Adams as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins!?! I bet she would not have died in The Dark Knight! She is probably better off having been Lois Lane anyway.

ALSO, wonder what Cillian Murphy would have been like as Bruce Wayne and Batman. He made a great Jonathan Crane though.comicbookmoviebatmurp99