Here is a teaser trailer for Star Wars that must have blown every kids mind when it came on. Notice the distinct lack of Ben Burr’s and John Williams’ work on this trailer. There is none of the famous soundtrack and none of the famous sound effects (besides the Sand People yell). Also note how nameless the picture was beyond George Lucas who had done a movie (American Graffiti) completely devoid of any inkling of what was to come in Star Wars. Couldn’t really sell a major summer blockbuster on Alec Guinness alone.

Geek: Batman Auditions

We could have had Amy Adams as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins!?! I bet she would not have died in The Dark Knight! She is probably better off having been Lois Lane anyway.

ALSO, wonder what Cillian Murphy would have been like as Bruce Wayne and Batman. He made a great Jonathan Crane though.comicbookmoviebatmurp99

Geek: The Wolverine Review

Geek: The Wolverine Review

@TheWolverine is a great pulp fiction movie. The Wolverine comes from the comic written by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller that drew out the then unknown details of the character’s backstory carving out a great samurai warrior plot. His travels to Japan have widely become some of the favorite versions of this hero. SPOILERS AT THE END!!!

Director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman clearly share this love for this storyline with this character. Mr. Jackman where is this role like snug shirt. He is the Wolverine so much that when you see him other films that you half expect him to slice his love interest in half. Mr. Jackman does not just portray this character, but he understands the character. Now, over the previous incarnations of his film poRtrayals, he hasn’t really done too much to vary his performances for movie to movie however in this particular movie he’s a lot more surly, a lot more pissed off, and a lot more lovelorn.

I love this movie because it is a true one-off. This is ‘X-Men: Shogun‘ — it’s a true miniseries.

The director also loves and understands this character. I don’t know that they were trying to completely diverge from previous incarnations or dramatizations of this character but they certainly do their best to make this character distinct.

For someone who’s never really directed an true “action” movie (3:10 to Yuma is a favorite of mine, but a Western thriller), director James Mangold clearly understands the milieu. He recognizes how to capture Wolverine’s action better than most of the directors who have filled his various incarnations before. I just know that he and Jackman talked about having a scene when Wolverine fights in a traditional Japanese house with paper walls in dark silhouette.

I give a lot of credit Hugh Jackman for actually emoting and acting in this movie as opposed to being more surly and more angry as directions taken from his director or the script.

What we discover is that Logan has been wandering the backwoods after the Golden Gate event. At the end of X-Men 3: Last Stand, he is forced to kill Jean Grey to avoid the Phoenix from potentially destroying the world as we knew it. He is haunted by his regrets and his love lost. The movie catches his despair as he wishes to join her in some sort of afterlife, but he can’t because he is indestructible. He is a ronin: a samurai warrior without a master. Wolverine’s real master, we learn, is purpose.

Basically the rest of the actors in this movie are Japanese actors or various Asian actors which gives the movie a real grounding.

The female leads (Rila Fukushima and Tao Okamoto) also deserve a great deal of credit as both Yukio and Mariko are strong female characters who have distinct personalities who do not blend into one. They separate themselves and they make clear who is the lover and who is the fighter between these ‘sisters’ (insert Ying Yang Twins joke).

This movie also benefits from crisp writing, particularly of Wolverine’s quips and curses. There is fun in this movie, not just grittiness.

Overall I think this might be the strongest X-Men movie that’s been made because it was centered around just one X-Man whereas even in Wolverine’s first solo film he still part of a huge cast of a larger X-Men universe. Thankfully Mr. Jackman and Mr. Mangold focused on character. I suggest that you go and see the movie for yourself. This movie has certainly rekindled my love of the X-Men.  MAKE SURE YOU DON’T LEAVE BEFORE THE CREDITS ARE OVER!!!!!


An interesting trend happening in the movie world right now: before we had been treated to various incarnations of various superheroes, which was highly dependent on which film studio owned the right to whom. When Marvel was bought by Disney, Marvel already had a path laid out for it to define its movie future. Everyone was skeptical of what would happen, but confident that there would be fun movies to come over the next many years.

Then the Avengers happened. What you must understand is that Marvel had made modest blockbuster summer films from 2008 on with the Avengers in mind. However, no one saw that when you put these characters together, there would be BILLIONS of $$ to be had as a result. Well, maybe one person knew: Kevin Feige. Iron-Man 3 then went on to also rake in almost a BILLION $$, but more importantly, the movie was a reflection of what would happen to the rest of the Comic-to-Movie world. Almost every major motion picture studio has a superhero property and was now having PTSD flashbacks of losing their jobs if they did not harness the power of these properties.

Fox reboots the Fantastic 4 and announces a new and expanded approach to the X-Men properties with Mark Millar at the helm.

Sony rebooted Spider-Man and announced that there would be four movies with an expansive roster of villains to draw from (and possibly an expanded roster of heroes).

Warner Brothers reboots Superman and announces Batman vs Superman as their next big splash in the deep end.

Universal looks to develop its own catalog of genre characters through Legendary film after missing out on the Hulk gravy train.

As Fox hones its approach to the new X-Man universe, we see that the ‘Avengers 2: Age of Ultron’ will be a very different version of what we’ve learned is the classic comic story. In ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ we’re apparently going to see Logan is the conduit for time shift as he goes between the worlds and dimensions to try and convince young Xavier and Erik to change or right the wrongs that were done in the past to save the future

To that end, we are given an exciting preview of what’s to come when we catch up at the end of the Wolverine with Logan in an airport again 2 years after the events of the movie. He’s confronted by Magneto who is making everything metal in the airport go crazy, including Logan’s whole body. He’s frozen and the people around him keep moving. Then we notice the people around him freeze and we get the best reveal of all: Prof. X wheeling between people and moving to speak with Logan. With tears in his eyes and claws out, Logan asks how this is possible. The scene ends with Professor X and Magneto again asking him to join them as another war is coming. This time one that could wipe at mutants out.

SPOILER ON A SPOILER: My serious thought is that in DOFP will have both Professor X and Magneto’s older selves essentially written out of the timeline due to alterations in the timeline. Much like the new Star Trek movies, we will essentially see only the younger versions of these characters from now on in the future X films. A sad thought, but a natural conclusion when you see who old Sir Patrick and Sir Ian now are.

Geek: Rain and Superheroes

What is it about rain that gets all the superheroes so worked up?

We talk about class to class examples of the here at Rosedale but somehow in all of these tales rain gets superheroes horny.

1. Spiderman:

2. Daredevil (at 1:19)

3. The Dark Knight rises

4. The Wolverine (no video available yet)

However, this is probably just a film trope: