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Mark Ruffalo doesn’t care about Marvel’s restrictive culture of no spoilers or social media documentation of its top secret productions. Since his buddy Robert Downey, Jr. has hit town for filming on the Age of Ultron, the two have been posting various pictures of their experiences. The above photo is from his tumblr account.

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Almost got her!!! @marvel

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Where greatness sits.

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Further confirmation that Ruffalo gives 0 fux is this exchange on twitter:

I love it and I love him!!! Dr. Banner is a mad man and can’t be stopped!


I’ve been listening today to a new Fatman on Batman podcast from Kevin Smith where he chats with the inspirational Dean Trippe. I had heard the name in the past, but now I know: Trippe has written and drawn a comic depicting his struggle with a childhood trauma, his love of Batman, and the way Batman eventually saved his life from this trauma.

Smith and Trippe dig into his strip called Something Terrible and his history with the Bat. Its been a great listen and an even greater joy finding his artwork online. The work is a mash-up, but beautiful melange, of Bruce Timm, Batman ’66 and Bold and Brave Batman. The artwork is vibrant, earnest, childlike, passionate, and mature all at the same time. A good reflection of Trippe as a person.

Check his stuff out for yourself!



I’m assuming that these people are still receiving money from the WB for their roles that were cast before the writer’s strike blew up the proposed George Miller project. Looks like a fun crew. I would have killed to see their Aquaman.

I think now that we have these pics then it won’t be long before we see the characters in their costumes.

Geek: Marvel One-Shot Easter Egg

All Hail the King” was the glorious @Marvel One-Shot attached to the release of Thor: The Dark World a few weeks ago. Writer and director Drew Pearce confirmed something that I had noticed upon my viewing. There is only one inmate (portrayed by Allen Maldonado) noticed in the film who has a Marvel history.


He is named Fletcher Heggs or known to others are the Knight.

He is a pawn of Obdiah Stane and has a long history as an Iron-Man villain. Pearce warns that we should keep an eye out for the character as we move forward in the MCU.

Always remember, if you panic, handle it — Trevor Slattery