Ed Brubaker Looks Back On Batman, Part One: The Most Driven, Depressing, Exciting Character Of All Time

With long runs on hit titles like Captain America, Daredevil, Sleeper, Fatale, Criminal and more, writer Ed Brubaker has cemented his position as one of the most prominent writers in American comics, and he got his start with superheroes with Batman.

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CBMB: Batman!!!

Of course, he would post this at 5 PM! Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder just tweeted out another picture, this time of the Goddamned Batman!! Ben Affleck will portray the Caped Crusader and cuts a fine portrait of a pensive Batman. I truly believe that the more pictures we get, then the more likely we will get a Comic-con exclusive from Batman v Superman (beyond what’s been release so far), maybe a Wonder Woman picture?




I’ve been listening today to a new Fatman on Batman podcast from Kevin Smith where he chats with the inspirational Dean Trippe. I had heard the name in the past, but now I know: Trippe has written and drawn a comic depicting his struggle with a childhood trauma, his love of Batman, and the way Batman eventually saved his life from this trauma.

Smith and Trippe dig into his strip called Something Terrible and his history with the Bat. Its been a great listen and an even greater joy finding his artwork online. The work is a mash-up, but beautiful melange, of Bruce Timm, Batman ’66 and Bold and Brave Batman. The artwork is vibrant, earnest, childlike, passionate, and mature all at the same time. A good reflection of Trippe as a person.

Check his stuff out for yourself!


>> Happy Tuesday, I was geeked to stay up a bit late last night since Ben Affleck was going to be on Jimmy Fallon. I was rewarded with him discussing his opportunity to play Batman and the backlash that he anticipated. Here’s the clip of their discussion:

>> Speaking of bulked up old men, an 80 year old bodybuilder was busted for doping.

>> A soccer player at Vassar has turned himself into an internet sensation with the long play.

>> Conan O’Brien did a 40s-style version of Goonies on his show last night.

>> Rian Johnson (director of ‘Looper’) directed some of the best episodes of Breaking Bad, and in particular, directed the Ozymandias episode that was excruciatingly good. Gomey also gets his say after his (SPOILER) demise.

>> Here’s a conversation with Rebel Wilson, who I still can’t decide if she is consistently funny.

>> In honor of its return tonight, here is a ‘New Girl’ drinking game from Buzzfeed.


>> A couple of my favorite comics to start the day: Louis CK breaks down why black people get to complain more about society. The late great Patrice O’Neal explains what makes white people so crazy for Radiohead’s Creep.

>> Yet another Joss Whedon interview with some fun details about Agents of SHIELD.

>> 30 astounding facts about the Batman film franchise.

>> The Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins have been rivals for a while now, but last night was particularly ‘testee’. First, Evan Gattis (El Oso Blanco) destroyed a pitch that took out a Marlins fan in the worst spot possible. Then Marlins phenom pitcher, Jose Fernandez, had a back and forth with Braves 3B Chris Johnson for some reason that resulted in a bench clearing kerfuffle. Great night at a nearly empty ballpark!

>> Do you want to upgrade to iOs7 right now?!

>> As someone who deals with customers over the phone everyday, then this is somewhat familiar.

>> I hope this picture is real because this frog was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

>> Jason Whitlock is stirring the pot again!

>> Finally, here is an article on how influential X-Files has been since its premier 20 years ago.


>> What will now be referred to as the Jesse Pinkman audition.

>> Here’s a link to the Neil Gaiman trailer for his new book “Fortunately, The Milk”.

>> Morgan Freeman shares some of his thoughts about the new Batman.

>> Did you know that Barney was a brotha?

>> io9 offers their list of the worst Batman/Superman (World’s Finest) stories in comics.

>> Empire offers us some details on “The World’s End” from Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost.

>> Lessons of Goonies.

>> Finally, there was terrible news from yesterday that Linda Ronstadt has now lost her beautiful voice to symptoms of Parkinson’s. She had already receded from society a bit over the last 10 years, but will be releasing a memoir in the next few months. Here is a piece on her virtuoso talent.