CBMB: Batman!!!

Of course, he would post this at 5 PM! Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder just tweeted out another picture, this time of the Goddamned Batman!! Ben Affleck will portray the Caped Crusader and cuts a fine portrait of a pensive Batman. I truly believe that the more pictures we get, then the more likely we will get a Comic-con exclusive from Batman v Superman (beyond what’s been release so far), maybe a Wonder Woman picture?




>> Happy Tuesday, I was geeked to stay up a bit late last night since Ben Affleck was going to be on Jimmy Fallon. I was rewarded with him discussing his opportunity to play Batman and the backlash that he anticipated. Here’s the clip of their discussion:

>> Speaking of bulked up old men, an 80 year old bodybuilder was busted for doping.

>> A soccer player at Vassar has turned himself into an internet sensation with the long play.

>> Conan O’Brien did a 40s-style version of Goonies on his show last night.

>> Rian Johnson (director of ‘Looper’) directed some of the best episodes of Breaking Bad, and in particular, directed the Ozymandias episode that was excruciatingly good. Gomey also gets his say after his (SPOILER) demise.

>> Here’s a conversation with Rebel Wilson, who I still can’t decide if she is consistently funny.

>> In honor of its return tonight, here is a ‘New Girl’ drinking game from Buzzfeed.


I am so ashamed of myself that I wasn’t scouring @twitter when they announced that @BenAffleck would be the next Batman. This announcement has so many tentacles to it, I don’t know where to start.

1. Affleck has long been rumored to be the next Batman, on several occasions.

2. Affleck directed movies with the support of @Legendary and has a great relationship with Thomas Tull.

3. Affleck is also very close to Jeff Rubinov (the former head of Warner Brothers), so this may seem to be a stab in the back.

4. Affleck is about the right age for what they are claiming they wanted in the next Batman (41, will be 43 in 2015).

5. Affleck’s age paints Warner Brothers into a corner for a continuing franchise, unless they plan to announce another younger Batman for future films.

6. Does this suggest that Batman vs. Superman is a leap into the future and a continuing franchise (or Justice League) will be the filler between Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman?

7. Would this attract Matt Damon to play Lex Luthor? I think he would be a brilliant choice since he was almost Harvey Dent in Dark Knight.

8. Who would be a great Lex Luthor? Would he be older than both Clark and Bruce? Bryan Cranston?

So many questions without answers. I cannot wait for July 2015!!!