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Rumor du Jour: Has Marvel Found Their Ant-Man? | Schmoes Know….

UPDATE: I guess not, because not only is Armie denying it, but so is Edgar Wright.

Is Armie Hammer going to be cast as Ant-Man? Note that Armie is another Disney Hero in the Lone Ranger and recently spent time on the Captain America 2 set. Apparently he was there with Ant-Man director Edgar Wright, but in the reporting, Hammer is insisting that he doesn’t even know the famed director.

Studios are now about pooling talent again like it was back in the days of the studio-exclusive actor contracts. Hammer was cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the George Miller version of a Justice League movie before the writer’s strike blew that project to pieces. Don’t think that WB isn’t going to scratch at his door again for a Batman reboot that helps lead them into the DC age of movies after the strong premiere of Man of Steel.

Johnny Depp is a Disney player and I’m sure Hammer sees that Disney is taking good care of his Lone Ranger castmate. C’mon Armie, just own up!!!

Marvel at this!

Edgar Wright may not want you to see this, but I encourage you to watch and marvel at the future! I grew up watching Spider-Man on The Electric Company and on re-runs on TV. I also would love watching the Batman TV show on Nickelodeon and MTV.

I think the guys at Marvel movies also grew up watching these shows and were convinced that they could do much better. Okay, let’s see what you got…