Happy Friday and a little Seinfeld wisdom for all bloggers, trolls, and commenters out there in the world.

>> Great long read on W. Kamau Bell and Totally Biased, which is a show I wish I could watch more if it wasn’t for all of the great shows on at 11 pm.

Parks and Recreation – Season 6

>> Here are some pictures from the Parks and Recreation (PERD!) premier that features a very fit Chris Pratt, who is on his way to being an extremely big time actor.

>> All that excitement for Arcade Fire got a little out of hand when some permanent graffitti was left behind the Reflektor debut.

>> Neko Case can teach us all a thing or two.

>> I guess this is fun in Corpus Christi?

>> Dodge THIS!

>> Awesome photos from WIRED of places and things I will never be and will never do.

>> Film School Rejects gets it right!

>> Do you care whether Katherine Heigl has a career again?

>> ICYMI: Star Wars spinoffs will be “origin” stories. Meh.

>> I hope its isn’t true, but looks like Kerry Rhodes may not get another job in the NFL just because he is rumored to be gay.

>> I didn’t even know there was going to be a Little Prince movie, but cool.

>> Funny: Sports does things to our emotions.

>> ABC and Disney will be pulling out all the stops for Thor the Dark World in the next few weeks.

>> Here is an awesome demonstration of how Google Glasses could work at an MLB game. No if only I could hook up to their wifi….

>> Here is a list of little-known facts about the Big Lebowski.