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Mark Ruffalo doesn’t care about Marvel’s restrictive culture of no spoilers or social media documentation of its top secret productions. Since his buddy Robert Downey, Jr. has hit town for filming on the Age of Ultron, the two have been posting various pictures of their experiences. The above photo is from his tumblr account.

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Almost got her!!! @marvel

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Where greatness sits.

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Further confirmation that Ruffalo gives 0 fux is this exchange on twitter:

I love it and I love him!!! Dr. Banner is a mad man and can’t be stopped!

Geek: Revisionist History

A bit of old news: I was thinking the other day about the ties that made the 2nd Hulk film. Louis Letterier who directed originally wanted Ruffalo and would go on to use him as an effective antagonist in Now You See Me. My suspicion is that Feige didn’t want Ruffalo (who hadn’t been nominated for an Oscar by that time) to carry the movie as a relatively unknown.

Instead, they went with a reasonable choice (at the time) of Edward Norton, who would also play a role in writing the film. Let me first say, that I really did like Hulk, but it had the burden of coming out the same summer as Iron-Man, so comparisons were natural and probably a bit unfair since the charisma of the Hulk is lost when he becomes a hero as opposed to Iron-Man who is always Tony Stark (RDJ). I really thought that the movie was undervalued at the time and should never have made Marvel shy away from the property. I know that Norton had a lot to do with the problems negotiations had for the Avengers and the future of the MCU. I remember reading that there were also disputes between Letterier and Norton.

With all the revisionist history since 2008 on Marvel movies, and this one in particular, do you guys know why Ed Norton didn’t just direct the movie himself to guarantee him coming back.
Do you think they would ever consider him for Dr Stephen Strange?