Hayley Atwell, Iron Man 3 premiere, sheer dress, Antonio Berardi

>> Hayley Atwell may actually star in that Agent Carter TV show.

>> Mets pitcher Matt Harvey must have been tired of answering questions about his injury, but boy, you can’t go on national TV/radio and tank your interview because of it. Weird.

>> George Clooney has started filming his mysterious Disney project with Brad Bird.

>> My hero, El Mayimbe, has been debunked by the Hollywood Reporter about that Schwarzenegger to Avatar rumor, which did not seem to be a bad a idea.

>> Another hero, Idris Elba, apparently does not like Liam Gallagher, which seems about right.

>> John Singleton writes about whether white directors of “black” films is ultimately a bad thing, especially when those movies are successful.

>> That lady from the anti-smoking commercials who forced you to look away, died recently. Her impact was palpable and to think this effective ad was funded by “Obamacare”.

>> A couple of stories about How I Met Your Mother which is starting its last season.

>> An ode to Jeff Goldblum!

>> 55 unfinished movies in a few minutes.


I missed you, did you miss me?

>> They were obsessed with showers and bathtubs in movies from the ’80s.

>> I love that some of the cast of Game of Thrones vacations together!

>> I love Whitney Matheson and steal many of her links for the Daily Download.

>> More from Mary Jane: Medieval DC Characters.

>> Jason Whitlock goes H.A.M. on the writer reporting on all of the goings-on at Oklahoma State.

>> Vanity Fair is working on another level to compete and “stars” need to get over it.

>> Disney is mutating into an even bigger media conglomerate and I love the new look.