Comic Book Movie Buzz: X-Men Days of Future Past gets an epic final trailer

20TH Century Fox released a final trailer last night for the X-Men Days of Future Past movie set for release on May 23, 2014. In it we get a bit more backstory about what Wolverine has been sent back to do and how he goes about doing it.


Ok, I have had my reservations about this movie even though I have been extremely excited for many months at the prospects. This trailer looks fantastic! Again, as with almost every X-Men movie to this date, Wolverine appears to be the central focus of the storyline as he is sent back in time to get Charles Xavier to rectify a wrong. We don’t know what that wrong was yet.

This through-line is somewhat divergent from the end of X-Men First Class, but I assume will find out more once the movie comes out. The action looks apocryphal and Magneto appears to be a greater threat to society then in previous films. There is no minimization of the mutant powers here.

I don’t want to go on too much, but I can’t wait to watch this with a big bag of popcorn and a smuggled-in bottle of water.

How do you feel about this trailer? Do you think too much of the storyline has been exposed?

Geek: Days of Future Past!!!

Here is the first look at the new trailer for #DOFP! Unfortunately, the music is awful and predictable and there isn’t anything more than what we got from the Instagram teaser. However, if you love these characters then you will love the latest incarnation of the franchise.


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