The Daily Mail in the UK seems to think that he is. I’m sure this is probably the best shape he’s been in, but I would not call this “Superhero Strong”.

The buff reveal! Paul showed off his new fit frame as he played baseball in Mexico

Yes, I feel slightly pervy, but I’m working to keep you informed!! Also note the color of his shorts: Ant-Man colors….am I reading too much into this photo? Probably…

Paul Rudd reveals his buff physique as he enjoys a holiday in Mexico | Mail Online.

Geek: Michael Pena has been offered a role in Ant-Man

I love Michael Pena and think he’s one of the most overlooked talents right now in acting. Watch “End of Watch” and “Observe and Report” to see his range!

I can’t wait to see what @Marvel does with him. I hope he doesn’t get the Kat Dennings role and becomes comic relief only, but gets to kick ass too! Also note that Michael Pena and Paul Rudd together would be hilarious in a comedy. I wonder how funny Ant-Man is going to be….

Geek: Michael Douglas cast as Hank Pym

Geek: Michael Douglas cast as Hank Pym

Casting news comes spilling out of last night’s Golden Globes after the Oscar-Winner Michael Douglas picked up another prestigious award in his career. What could be left for the 70+ year old star? @Marvel has come calling (don’t think having some young sons didn’t have anything to do with it too). I’m sure he got tired of hearing, “hey dad, when are you going to be in a superhero movie?”

This news further confirms suspicions that Paul Rudd was cast to play Scott Lang, the less-scientific alter ego of Ant-Man. Can’t Wait. Marvel scores again with great casting.

Side note: SPOILERS, this means that Michael Douglas will have his technology stolen by Paul Rudd. We haven’t heard much about Pym’s influence in the world in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I’m sure that we will see indications of his long-time influence since they have picked such an older actor for the Pym role.