Geek: Wakanda After All?!?

Will Wakanda Be Visited In THE AVENGERS 2 After All?.

After initial reports yesterday on the start of filming for the next Avengers movie made its way around the web, there was speculation that this setting would bring Wakanda into the MCU. But then reports started shooting this theory down.

However, today we learn that this may not acutally be the case and that filming in South Africa may be setting the template for Wakanda (especially if Cap’s shield gets destroyed at the end of Winter Soldier). We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but the news of Wakanda’s development makes many out there grin, including this nerd. PS, there is also rumblings from @elmayimbe that a young actress, named Natalie Martinez (pictured below) has gone in for a small role in the new Avengers movie, but the role is unknown.

More Avengers news is that The Black Widow is getting her own movie at some time in the future. Kevin Feige acknowledges that it is in development mainly because Avengers 2 will have a strong Widow story.


Geek: New Cap Pics

As we make our way to January 2014, there is a little flutter in my heart knowing that we are only a few months away from another Marvel Cinematic Universe installment. I hope that this movie is huge (maybe bigger than Thor), but the reality is that no one really cares about Steve Rogers outside of the U.S. just because of his name. Thor and Iron-Man don’t have the same jingoistic connotation.

However, if you return to the First Avenger, you will see that it is the strongest of the pre-Avengers films (stronger than Hulk, Thor 1 or Iron-Man 2). You will also see that the movie Joe Johnston created a rich tapestry of the MCU with a character who is tied most closely to all things Marvel.

Enjoy the pictures and watch the First Avenger again!!!

Captain America 2 Photos

Captain America 2 Photos

Captain America 2 Photos

Captain America 2 Photos


SCAR JO is once again the sexiest woman alive and you’d think that’s about right. The Black Widow should be the most beautiful and sexiest assassin alive. Don’t look too deeply into her eyes!

>> Clooney  is getting loony and photobombing Spielberg and Seinfeld. A very interesting star cluster.

>> Raiders fans are bad, but I guess it extends to the Athletics too. Fans be trippin’.

>> Living in a post-Breaking Bad world means having to rely on Homeland to deliver tight, cohesive storylines. So far its a fail. Good acting however. Dana was a prime player last night, but she has struggled against the public backlash who seems to hate her. By the way, Chris Brody is still clueless!

>> Quinten Tarantino gave the world his top 10 films of the year, which is always a must-read, but damn….The Lone Ranger?!?!

>> Get ready for some serious product placement in the next Ron Burgundy movie!

>> Stevie Nicks watches Game of Thrones!

>> Back to Sunday watching: I’m kind of in to Masters of Sex, but I don’t know that I can take the conceit of character “secrets” any more.

>> Morrissey loves the Peanuts gang!