Good Morning and happy Monday!

Last night’s ‘Breaking Bad’ made any other type of ‘drama’ show irrelevant. However, I do have to stress how annoying it is that we have to wade through the dreck that is ‘Low Winter Sun’ to see previews. Unlike ‘Mad Men’, Breaking Bad’s previews could potentially be a spoiler in every line because every line matters in BB. Mad Men has more throw away lines than any show in history (though it does not lessen the impact of that drama).

To the news….

>> Most geek news outlets are reporting that Mark Millar has basically confirmed that Fantastic Four and X-Men will crossover, which is not surprising.

>> Proto-rock-godess Neko Case has a new album (The Worst Things Get, The Harder I Fight) out.

>> Prince won the internet over the weekend when he released his new single with artwork:

>> My feelings about Spike are completely confused right now, but he recently reached his goal for kickstarting his next film project.

>> Stephen Colbert actually did a podcast about the Daft Punk debacle.

>> Here is a hysterical video of Harrison Ford being called on one of his acting crutches.

>> Speaking of Dave Chappelle, he is slowly moving back into the spotlight.