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Geek: Marvel One-Shot Easter Egg

All Hail the King” was the glorious @Marvel One-Shot attached to the release of Thor: The Dark World a few weeks ago. Writer and director Drew Pearce confirmed something that I had noticed upon my viewing. There is only one inmate (portrayed by Allen Maldonado) noticed in the film who has a Marvel history.


He is named Fletcher Heggs or known to others are the Knight.

He is a pawn of Obdiah Stane and has a long history as an Iron-Man villain. Pearce warns that we should keep an eye out for the character as we move forward in the MCU.

Always remember, if you panic, handle it — Trevor Slattery

Geek: Forget Thor, Watch “All Hail the King”!

@Marvel and @mrdrewpearce have crafted another winning short attached to the release of Thor: the Dark World. We get a bit more of a layered look at Trevor Slattery who played himself as the Mandarin.  I won’t spoil anything here for anyone because I think you should really see it.

The story is essentially a day in the prison life of Trevor Slattery which leads up to an interview with a reporter named Jackson Norris.  Mr, Norris is a portrayed by Scoot McNairy who I had suggested may be a good candidate for a Marvel hero.  Oddly enough, according to a Marvel wiki,  the character of Jackson Norris (or Jackson Norriss), in the comics, is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent turned TV reporter, an associate of The Defenders, and briefly one of the alter-egos of the superhero Nighthawk. This makes for some interesting implications for the future of Marvel features in both movies and TV. If I haven’t said it before, I love that Marvel has its ducks in a row. Also of note, this One-Shot takes place in Seagate Prison which is known for being the place where Luke Cage was imprisoned when he chose to go through the experiment that would transform him into Power-Man.

No spoiler here, but this is the best Marvel One-Shot yet. There’s a bit of action toward the end of this feature, but there is plenty of comedy and a surprising bit of intensity at the end. Iron-Man 3 writer Drew Pearce got his opportunity to craft a tale and direct and did it extremely well. This should bode well for his future in the MCU and chances to write and direct soon (I would hope on Netflix shows). There is a major surprise that supposedly would affect the MCU.

Finally, as with all Marvel features, you probably want to stay all the way until the end.

Geek: The Mandarin Returns!

@Marvel is bringing it: Ben Kingsley Returns in Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King | News |

The next Marvel One-Shot is due with the release of the Thor: The Dark World DVD introduction in February 2014. Here is a look at some of the shots from the short film which was hinted at months ago. Marvel has been creating cinematic universe content for the last 4.5 years straight and continues to kick DC’s butt with its ubiquity. Trevor Slattery is back and dishing the dirt!