Geek: This is the Thor We Need!!!

Tom-Hiddleston-Thor-audition-1 Tom-Hiddleston-Thor-Audition-2


No offense to Chris Hemsworth, but this Thor would have been a fascinating character.  Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of Thor before they cast Hemsworth and they like Tom so much that they called him in for Loki. The rest is history.

I’m sure that Hemsworth had a bit more of that masculinity necessary for the role, but the tumblrs of love for Hiddleston suggest that ladies love Tom!

Goodness, I want to see this version of Thor right now!


Good morning Tuesday! Already thinking about the weekend, aren’t you?

>> Here is a the next lead in a Spike Lee Joint (I remain on the fence about Spike!).

>> I love the texture to the next Thor movie, but I am concerned about the reshoots. I mean, did they really just start to realize how popular Tom Hiddleston is?

>> The Big Lead has a new look!

>> Here is a chronicle of Junior Seau’s wonderful life and untimely death.

>> Steve Alford opens up a bit about his new job at UCLA.

>> Tears for Fears covering Arcade Fire? Yes, Please!

>> Real prisoners watched ‘Orange in the New Black’.

>> Finally, Gwen Stefani is looking good!

Geek: Marvel is Kicking DC’s Butt with Impugnity

@tomhiddleston opened up Hall H at Comic-Con for @Marvel and blew the doors and the roof off the place. DC had Zack Snyder announce Batman vs Superman as the next DC movie! Great, but man, that’s a leap to have them go head to head right away. Remember: if based on Frank Miller’s Dark Knight, then Batman will come close to killing Superman when he wears an Iron-Man like power suit. SPOILER ALERT. Anyway, Marvel has been playing the long game for some time. DC is just getting the hang of this.

Geek: Thor — The Dark World Trailer!

This version of the hero looks dark, grimy, and awesome. Damn, this should be out this summer if it wasn’t for Iron-Man 3, I’m sure it would. Loki is now the new Hannibal Lecter. If people didn’t watch the first Thor, they should go back and watch Hiddleston’s performance. He is great as Loki.

Geek: New Thor, New Robes


The new Thor is wrapping up production to be in the can for later in 2013. I think this movie may be a little gem in the Marvel canon down the line with influences of the Avengers, Joss Whedon, Alan Taylor, and Game of Thrones playing a role in grounding such an out-of-this-world character.

Count me excited on this one. This sourced story also features discussion with Chris Hemsworth on his new characteristics in this Dark World. I can’t wait for Loki to wreck havoc.

New Images and Plot Details From Thor: The Dark World –