We get a first look at the new Summer Movie Preview cover of Entertainment Weekly featuring the iconic characters from X-Men: Days of Future Past. This epic is set for only one film, but will be packed with many mutants and a rich storyline of time-travel, assassination, redemption, salvation, and betrayal. Just who does any of these things is the real question. I have to admit that I miss Rebecca Romijn a bit, but J.Law will do.


I think that Fox should go outside of the box and strongly push a property in their possession that isn’t strictly X-Men or the Fantastic Four. There really shouldn’t be much speculation, but the idea has been posited since the announcement of the reboot of #FF that they would share a world with the X-Men.

Fox has made solid to great versions of the X-Men movies, but now has seemed to have found an even more specific niche of creating X-Men movies that are now almost period pieces (the possibility of a HellFire Club should be a very real thing). To that end, if there is to be a shared universe, then you would have to assume that #FF will follow that same path and become a period movie in its first installment.

Maybe Reed Richards and Hank McCoy were schoolmates in the ’60s?

However, we have also learned that Fox is very interested in developing some of its other Marvel properties like Deadpool and X-Force. I wonder if they would fool everyone and chose an unproven commodity in that very precious summer slot. My head says no, but my heart yearns for them to go out on a limb and give us something we’ve never seen before.

If it is an expected crossover between X-Men and #FF, then I would do what I could to push the envelope: steal the X-Men vs Avengers storyline…make it Scott and Jean’s daughter, Rachel Summers, at the center of a galactic fight with the Phoenix Fire, and sprinkle a little Galactus, and maybe some Silver Surfer. Just make it bonkers!

The Phoenix is such a powerful McGuffin that it should run a thread through Fox’s storyline, it will keep people coming back.  If you think I’m wrong, remember how much of a gut punch it was when (SPOILERS) Jean washed away at the end of X2 and how excited you got when you saw the shape of the Phoenix at the very end of that movie.

The Wolverine Sequel, Fantastic Four 2, And A Mystery Marvel Project Get Release Dates At Fox –

Geek: Age of Apocalypse!!!

The movie studios are now stepping up their games and seemingly measuring each other up. The day that Sony presented its big debut of the new Spidey trailer with its various allusions to a wider universe, Fox has apparently already greenlit the next X-Men film.

Today Bryan Singer wrote a simple tweet of two hashtags: #Xmen and #apocolypse in 2016!


As many believed by the aesthetic of Days of Future Past, this universe was heading toward the X-Men’s biggest bad. This not only tells us more about the X-men on earth but the future in space.

We definitely can’t wait for the future.